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"Links and Traffic Tutorial, Part Seven" - Persuasion and The Ignored 40%

Whenever our writers have undertaken the task of writing website copy for clients, we are always floored by the lack of attention to the client's potential customer base!

Clients have come to us wanting us to design website content that will contain keyword phrases that they believe are pertinent to their online business.

We do not doubt whether those particular keyword phrases are appropriate for their website. What we do question is their lack of attention to the human being that will read that page.

Yes, it is simple to write content that will include the sample keyword phrases ABC widgets, widgets by ABC and ABC's widget catalog. And it is possible to match those keyword phrases to a predetermined Keyword Density of say, 10% on keyword phrase #1, and 5% on phrases #2 and #3. (This guidance is from an actual customer. The keywords have been changed to protect the identity of the client. <wink> )

Of course, clients often fail to see that the above instructions will lead to a total keyword phrase saturation of 20%, equal to one keyword for every five words in the web page!

These kinds of instructions lead to copy that reads like this:

ABC widgets come in all shapes and sizes. Their widgets are all around you. You cannot live a single day of your life without seeing a product that comes straight from ABC's widget catalog. But, it is not enough to tell you that we carry ABC widgets. We must beat the word ABC widgets into your head, which was likely styled with widgets by ABC. But, ABC's widget catalog cannot be expected to be the only location of widgets by ABC. No, we must tell you that ABC widgets are sold on every street corner and in ABC's widget catalog.

This sample was constructed using exactly 100 words. Imagine this same type of writing on pages that were instructed to be 500, 1000 and 2500 words in length!

Believe it or not, we exhausted several emails and phone calls trying to help this client see for themselves the kind of content they were instructing us to write for them.

Imagine our surprise when the client explained to us that they wanted to stick with these keyword density guidelines for now, because they were solely interested in search engine rankings! Imagine our surprise when they said that their search rankings were more important than the people who visited their website!

Imagine our SHOCK when, after delivering the first batch of web pages, the customer told us that they would not use our services again BECAUSE their web pages did not read well! Like that was OUR fault or something...

Wait! Come Back...

What good is a #1 search ranking if your potential customer clicks on the link to your website, sees content like in the "ABC Widgets" example, and then immediately seeks out the Back button on their browser?

Sure, you got a potential client to your website, but they are gone before you can say, "Hi. My name is..."

All of a sudden, your #1 search ranking is pointless. And, it makes the search companies work harder to find ways to combat your SEO techniques.

SEO is only worth the effort if it also helps you to convert visitors into buyers.

The Forgotten, Living, Thinking Human Customer

SEO is about getting better rankings in the search engines so that you can sell more goodies. But, search engines are not HUMAN!

Your friendly search engine algorithms do not buy your products and services... Human Beings do!

Any website, that puts its SEO strategies above the potential buyer, has been designed for failure.

People are intelligent. And, as a webmaster and a search engine optimizer, you must always keep that in mind. You must keep the living, breathing, thinking human being at the forefront of all search engine optimization activities.

If you have to sacrifice a few positions in your search ranking in order to keep persuasive sales copy in your website, then it is better to sacrifice #1 and settle for #4, knowing that this sacrifice will help you to sell more of your products and services.

The Identity of The Ignored 40%

According to AltaVista, one of our websites has 3,000 plus inbound links! Google doesn't count all of the same links that AltaVista does, but that is because they run very different algorithms in their search software. As a result, not all of these 3,000+ one-way, inbound links to our website work to improve our Google rankings. But, that is okay. The website still ranks really well with Google on dozens of keyword phrases.

From these 3,000 individual links to our website, we receive substantial traffic. In fact, our website serves an average of 11,500 unique visitors every single month. 40% of this website's traffic arrives as a result of the 3,000+ links to our website! That breaks down to 4,600 unique visitors per month from 3,000 links.

Most people are so worried about getting that almighty #1 link in Google that they forget all about the traffic that could be coming to their website from other linking sources!

It is true that a particular link may not deliver traffic for several months, but then, the same link that did not deliver traffic for six months may all of a sudden deliver 50, 100 or 250 unique visitors this month and next.

The website at the other end of the link may have just been archived in the search engines. The webmaster may have just added content to their website that is now drawing considerable traffic. Or, the webmaster may have finally learned a few things about SEO and implemented their own successful SEO or linking strategies.

It does not really matter why that link sent you zero traffic for six months and is now sending you considerable traffic... It is still free traffic. This link is giving you access to more human beings to whom you will have the opportunity to pitch your products and services.

The Art of Persuasion and The Ignored 40%

If we told you that Your ezine is one of the two ezines that we read EVERY issue, would you be intrigued enough to click the link to see about this ezine?

If our link to this website is persuasive enough, you may click the link.

If we told you that we know of a website where you can go to submit your website to 20 of the top search engines, and it will not cost you a penny, would you be tempted to bookmark this excellent free resource?

These two most excellent resources now have one more Natural Link to each, and their links are situated squarely in the Body Text Area (VIPS) of our webpage.

When links of this type are created at a website, and the Embedded Anchor Text is designed to be Persuasive, then the chances of you or the next person clicking these links is greatly improved.

Do take notice that both links are at websites that are not owned by us. Therefore, these are honest recommendations from us to you.

If you clicked one or both of the links above, then you might be a part of The Ignored 40%. Do these webmasters track their logs to see where their traffic is coming from? Do they know or care that this page is sending them more free traffic?

We cannot speak about whether either of these particular webmasters ignore the source of their traffic. But, if they are like most webmasters, they probably do not have a clue that their links are on this page.

Important Closing Lessons

An important lesson to take from this is that you should never rely solely upon the search engines to send you traffic.

Link building is indeed a process of building your search rankings, but by themselves, these inbound links to your website can also account for a significant amount of additional free traffic to your website.

We have just covered seven lessons in our "Links and Traffic Tutorial". If you need to go back and review any of these tutorials, feel free to do so now:
  • Content on Your Website
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization Principles
  • Number of Inbound Links
  • Imbedded Anchor Text
  • Natural Linking
  • VIPS - VIsion-based Page Segmentation
  • The Ignored 40%

  • Let Us Put Our Experience to Work For You

    Now that you have completed our "7-Part SEO Tutorial", you have a really good idea what methods and techniques we will undertake to develop links to your website. You also know how we are going to prioritize the links that we will build pointing to your website.

    By now, you should also have the confidence that we will build links for you in such a way as to greatly improve your overall search engine optimization activities, rather than to create links that will hurt your ability to get good search rankings.

    We are proud to offer our customers Link Building Help, to help them to improve the profitability of their websites.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our Links and Traffic Tutorial. We would be happy to put our experience to work for you. If you need more information about our Links And Traffic Services, please return to our Home Page.


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