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"Links and Traffic Tutorial, Part Five" - Embedded Anchor Text: Natural Linking

The metamorphosis of the Google PageRankô system has taken place because people have built linking systems that can enable a single website with cash to get literally thousands of links back to their websites --- skewing the Google search results in ways that are not always advantageous to Google searchers.

Google is fighting back employing a number of techniques, including Natural Linking methodologies AND V.I.P.S. methodologies, which we will cover in the very next page of this tutorial.

Linking Systems

Natural Linking is an extension of the concepts we covered in the previous tutorial, Embedded Anchor Text.

Do you remember the example of the "Worst President"? Do you remember how that was achieved? Good. This is our working foundation.

So, a bunch of bloggers got together and started building links to George Bush's biography page. And, in each instance they built their links with derogatory Embedded Anchor Text. And soon, a search for these derogatory keyword phrases began to point directly to George Bush's biography in the search results.

Now, this SEO technique has been known for some time. This is not cutting edge information here. But, it is important information to understand before diving into Natural Linking.

Once this knowledge was understood, people began seeking links that were stuffed with the keywords that they felt would best help the growth of their business.

Reciprocal Linking was big for some time, and then Google began to discount the reciprocal links. So, the linking companies started shifting away from a direct reciprocal link system, to indirect reciprocal linking systems and paid one-way linking systems.

The battle between the search engine companies and the SEO companies continues...

What Are Natural Links?

People were trading and buying links where the website owner actually created the Embedded Anchor Text that would be placed into the link pointing back to their website.

As a result, thousands of web pages were ending up with a link that looked like this:
Links And Traffic Organic Links The problem is that each webmasters would place this exact same link on hundreds or thousands of web pages that were pointing at their domain.

If the links were created as webmaster recommendations pointing to a third-party domain, there is zero chance that all of these thousands of links would carry the exact same Embedded Anchor Text. It simply is not natural.

The search engines have figured out how to counter this SEO strategy!

The search engines have begun to factor in Natural Linking in such a way as to determine who is trying to skew the results versus those who earn their links naturally.

Think about it. Suppose one site has 5,000 links pointing to it with one set of embedded keywords, and another 5,000 links pointing to it with a second set of embedded keywords. And, then suppose you have a site with 10,000 links pointing to it with 1,200 variations of embedded keywords in the link. Which one do you think is more likely to have been recommended by others, as opposed to being advertised by the website's owner?

Why Are Natural Links Better?

Natural linking is far better. Natural linking promises to deliver a more accurate representation of the content contained on the destination website.

By gaining a more accurate representation of the contents of a website, the search engines can once again offer their users more accurate and more valuable search results.

Remember, the search companies don't care how well your site places in the search results. What they do care about is how to deliver their users better results, so that they can keep their users happy and thus keep their paying advertisers happy.

The time has come to look at another indexing technology called VIPS - VIsion-based Page Segmentation .


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