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"Links and Traffic Tutorial, Part Three" - Number of Inbound Links

By now, you have heard of Google PageRankô.

In a nutshell, Google has an additional method for determining the value of a website. The theory is simple and straightforward.

This is how Google describes PageRankô at their website: "PageRankô relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value."

If you would like a more in-depth explanation, please read "Google PageRankô Explained (opens in new window)".

By counting the links to one web page from another web page, Google is relying on the voice of the people to determine the value of a web page.

One of the greatest misconceptions about PageRankô is the idea that PageRankô applies to an entire website. It does not. PageRankô ONLY applies to the specific webpage.

Therefore, every page on your website will have its own unique PR value.

PR values range from zero to ten. PR4 is considered the minimum that one would want their webpage to rank for proper placement in Google's search results.

A PR8 or higher is rare and applies only to a small portion of sites.

PageRankô Tiers

Google counts inbound links differently from every other search engine out there.

Exactly where link numbers fall into the PageRankô scheme is unknown to us, but here are a few clues.

We have seen pages with 150 to 300 inbound links that rate a PR4.

We have seen a page with just over 1000 inbound links that rate a PR5.

A page with 1,250 inbound links and another with 1,900 inbound links both have a PR6.

We found a PR7 page with 2,300 inbound links.

Another page scored a PR8 with just over 10,000 inbound links. has a PR9 with 690,000 inbound links. also has a PR9 from 640,000 inbound links. And has a PR9 from 66,500 inbound links.

Believe it or not, has a PR10 <grin> with 3.8 million inbound links.

When you are ready to see how many links are pointing to your website, then download the Check Your Link Popularity software.

The Day PageRankô Was Solely Determined by the Number of Inbound Links Has Passed...

As time goes by, the search engines are always changing their algorithms. And the time has come for PageRankô to morph into its newest incarnation as well.

The sheer volume of links to a website is not as viable as it once was. Take for example ZDnet has 1.1 million inbound links, and yet, ZDnet only has a PR8! Cnet only has 690,000 inbound links and it scores a PR9.

The metamorphosis of PageRankô is taking place, and this morphing of the ever popular Google PageRankô is due to the Theory of Natural Linking.

Before we can learn the scoop on Natural Linking, we must first take a more in-depth look at Imbedded Anchor Text.


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