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"Links and Traffic Tutorial, Part Four" - Embedded Anchor Text

Real quickly, we are going to repeat what was said in Part Two - Basic Search Engine Optimization Principles.

Words added to links raise the value of the page being referenced by the link itself. The embedded anchor text in a link is as important within your own website, as it is when the link appears on an external website.

Often times, you will prefer to use images in your menu system instead of text links. The good news is that the search engines know this and appreciate the role of images in menu systems. As a result, the alt= tag inside of the image tag holds a value basically equal to that of any embedded anchor text in a link. Both speak to the contents of a page being referenced to in a link.

Beyond the Linking Basics

Strangely enough, the words in a link to your web pages are likely more important than the actual words in your page.

In fact, it is possible to earn good ranking for "keywords" that appear in your inbound links, but do not actually appear in your page!

I know this sounds bizarre. So, let us prove it to you.

These next link will appear in a new window. Notice the search results. If you click the first result in the list, you will not see the words "click" or "here" in the actual body text:
  • Google search for the keywords Click Here #1 result is www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
  • The keywords simply DO NOT appear in the webpage copy!

    Originally, the example shown above was about the George Bush GoogleBombs. It was the result of a phenomenon referred to as "search spoofing" or Google Bombing. You can read more about Google Bombs here, when you get a spare ten minutes.

    At one point or another, the bloggers went into hyper drive trying to get Bush replaced as President. So the internet's democratic process kicked into high gear and bloggers created links to the George W. Bush biography page on the White House website.

    Instead of saying that the link pointed to "George Bush's Biography," they said the link pointed to the "worst president" or the "worst President in U.S. history!"

    This one example, more succinctly than any other example we could use, proves our contention that Embedded Anchor Text / Embedded Link Text is far more important than the actual words on the destination web page in determining how certain web pages will rank in the search engines for certain keywords. Although Google has crippled many of the actual Google Bomb examples, the basic technique still works for average websites.

    Now that we have taken a deeper look at the power of Embedded Anchor Text (often misspelled even by me as Imbedded Anchor Text), let's now take a look at Natural Linking.


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